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Holiday Plaid

Holiday Plaid

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ll of our press-on nail sets are handmade using high-quality salon products. They can be ordered as a custom set, made to fit your specific nail size, or you can purchase a standard size set that is ready to ship. When placing an order, please leave your nail size in the note section or request a sizing kit to ensure the perfect fit. We also offer a choice of finish, glossy or matte. Additionally, you can request to purchase additional styles for future orders, as the size of the nail design may vary.

With every press-on nail set, you'll receive the following:

  • 10 expertly crafted natural or sculpted nails
  • A comprehensive nail prep kit, including a small file, a nail buffer, a wooden cuticle pusher, and an alcohol pad
  • Nail glue for easy and secure application
  • Nail tabs for temporary wear
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to apply and remove the press-on nails.

Pre-set sizing

XS (3 6 5 7 9)
S (2 5 4 6 9)
M (1 5 4 6 8)
L (0 4 3 5 7 )

Note: It is crucial to accurately measure your nail size as we cannot be held responsible for incorrect sizing. All sales are final and no returns are accepted due to the nature of our made-to-order products.

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